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“The teaching of psychology is practical and interactive.  The course content is extremely interesting; what could be more relevant to everyday life than the study of the human mind?” - TGGS Student

Curricular Intent:
Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all students the knowledge and cultural awareness that they need to succeed in life. Psychology provides our students with novel and practical learning opportunities to conduct research and extend their scientific knowledge, skills, and vocabulary, enabling them to attain the highest academic qualifications. Our curriculum develops pupils’ understanding of the world and human behaviour within it, enabling them to empathise with others and giving them the confidence in decisions they make. Students will develop and enhance relevant work skills that will enable them to choose appropriate career paths.

Why Study Psychology A Level

All classes are taught by both subject teachers across the entire two years of the course to ensure consistency. An eclectic variety of teaching methods are employed according to the demands of each topic.

A variety of learning strategies are employed including both teacher and student led presentations, designing, conducting and writing up class and individual investigations, class discussions and essay writing. We give students comprehensive, tailored revision materials, sessions devoted to examination styles and regular examination practice questions. 

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.

Useful Link:

Psychology Career Guide 

Psychology Skills Poster

Where can Psychology take you?

Current Teaching Staff:    

Mrs M Wills – Head of Department
Miss L Needham

Examination board and syllabus: