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Our School Values




Open Minds


A welcome from

The Headteacher

Thank you for your interest in joining us here at Torquay Girls’ Grammar School.

We have been educating bright students from Devon for over one hundred years now. The outcomes for young people who come here are excellent; our academic results place us as one of the top schools nationally for both attainment and progress. Ofsted rate us as outstanding in all categories and our students go on to top universities, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

However, these facts do not convey the real essence of our school, which is more about a way of thinking. It is about helping our pupils to believe they can achieve anything.

Ms Sarah Forster

Live and Learn

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum intent is to realise our vision to equip students for a future in which they have the academic qualifications, character skills and high self-esteem to make decisions that lead to long, happy and content lives.

As an Academy, we focus on the individual student. We want them to achieve the best possible academic outcomes, but in preparing them for their next steps we know that is not enough; they need to develop their character skills and be able to articulate them as they progress through their career.


Dear Emma and Sophie, I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the kind and unflappable support you offered and apologise for having wasted your time!

Ms S - Parent of a Y7 student who forgot how she was getting home

Thank you very much. What a great news. I am so proud of her. As I always told her, don't worry about things or people that have been mean to you, but always be kind and caring of others. Well done Y. Thank you very much to TGGS for the high quality of education that you give to the students but most of important how you teach them how to become better people. Mrs Y October 2023

Responses received on receipt of Congratulations letter..

She’s on an absolute roll at the moment (after the excellent sports awards last night) and we couldn’t be prouder of her or happier with the impact TGGS is having on her development. Mr and Mrs A October 2023

We just wanted to say thankyou for such a lovely letter which we will show to R tonight.

Dear Mrs Rumbelow, thank you so much for the lovely letter and kind appreciation of our daughter. She will absolutely love the special celebration during break with Ms Forster, in recognition of her kindness to others; we are so pleased, almost beyond words, at how she has settled in and how much she is enjoying it. She says all the girls in her class are really nice so it's fantastic that she is part of such a great group. Mr and Mrs R October 2023

Excellent start to Year 7..

Dear Ms Forster, I just wanted to thank you for inviting us into tggs yesterday and wanted to praise your student tour guide particularly of how kind and knowledgeable she was about the school, answering all the questions that people had. You could see from her body language and expression how happy she is there, which is something my daughter picked up on. Ms R September 2023

School Tour

Dear Ms Forster, I attended yesterday morning's tour with my granddaughter; I would like to say what a lovely morning. The girls that escorted us were delightful. I’m sorry I can’t remember their names but they deserve to be praised. One girl in particular stood out when I couldn’t manage steps to go down to the sports hall. She stayed and chatted to me about school life and kept me entertained until the rest of the group returned. So an extra special thank you to her. I hope you don’t mind me emailing but I think people are always quick to complain but not so to praise. Mrs S September 2023

School Tour

Dear Ms Saunders, I want to express my sincerest thanks to you and all the staff who organised and attended the recent visit to Belgium. My daughter had an absolute fantastic time and it has been great for her self-confidence. These things can't happen without staff (and their families) being prepared to make sacrifices in their own lives. People assume it's an entitlement for pupils but it's not, it is above and beyond so huge thanks to all and wishing you a lovely holiday when it arrives. Ms O July 2023

Thank You

I just wanted to message you to say a huge Thank You for the Years 3 and 4 FSM Taster Day yesterday, my daughter had a wonderful time and she’s hasn’t stopped talking about it since! She thought the art teacher was great too!! We will be in touch nearer the time for the 11+. Kind regards Ms W July 2023

HUGE Thank You!

A note to say thank you so much to you and all involved in setting up the careers day that our daughter attended yesterday. She came home 'on fire' with excitement, knowledge and completely animated about all she had learned, the people she had spoken to and the literature she had brought home, QR codes to explore and more. It was lovely to see and she and us ! have certainly been provided with much to think about. Mr and Mrs F July 2023

Thank You to Careers Staff

We attended the open evening yesterday. We wanted to pass on our gratitude to our tour guide. She was absolutely brilliant all evening and really connected with my daughter and her friends. She showed great enthusiasm for the school and had a fantastic rapport with all the teachers. My daughter and her friends all came out really excited at the prospect of being a TGGS girl. Ms W June 2023

Excellent Tour Guide!

Thank you all for supporitng and guiding me through my time at TGGS; it has helped me to grow as a person and left me feeling more confident to face the world. You have all been so kind to support me and ensure all my additional needs are met and addressed. I am lucky to have had such a friendly and kind team support me so thank you! June 2023

Thank you SEN Team

The 6th Form @TGGS will be mixed entry from September 2025!