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Current Teaching Staff:
Miss L Coles - Head of Department

Curricular Intent:

We aim for students to: 

  • Develop a broad range of skills and techniques to enable creativity.
  • Explore and develop independent, original ideas.
  • Take risks, try things and learn from experience.
  • Take an interest in art, design, fashion and the world around them.
  • Think about the impact of textiles in the world.
  • Be safe.

The Textiles Curriculum is run as a technology subject in years 7 & 8 understanding the design process, fabrics and techniques through design and make style projects. In year 9, students work as textile artists expanding their practical skills in response to the work of other artists, in order to prepare them for an Art & Design: Textiles curriculum at GCSE.

There are many opportunities to get involved in textiles outside normal lesson times. 

In year 10, students will have the opportunity to be inspired from a visit to view the work of other artists. Destinations vary depending on themes of projects and exhibitions at the time. Previous visits have included London, visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Gallery, and Bristol, for a Street Art tour of the city followed by a spray painting workshop

We have dedicated lunchtime and after school clubs for years 10 and 11 students to allow greater access to department equipment as required. Students are also invited to apply for the role of subject ambassador to represent the department in open days and other school events, to assist in and often organise house competitions and lower school clubs.

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