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Current Teaching Staff:
Mr S Smedley - Head of Department
Miss Z Malone
Ms E Wildman

Curriculum Intent:
Dissected to its purest form, our aim is to deliver ‘Knowing producers who produce knowingly.’ In a more expanded manner, our goal is to equip students with the skills, knowledge and desire to critically engage with Art, Craft and Design, through each Key Stage, encompassing a wide range of cultural and historical starting points.


Pupils have to produce an art history double page for each project in KS3 – this requires research on their part in investigating and collating relevant information.


Pupils are encouraged to respond to open questions about the practical or historical aspects of the project they are following.


In each project Gatsby Benchmarks are identified that could lead to a brief insight/discussion of potential careers in Art, Craft and Design.

Art & Design Career Guide

Art Skills Poster

Where can Art take you?


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