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Current Teaching Staff:
Mrs Z Carpenter Kay - Head of Department
Miss S Bucklar, Ms A Wearden, Miss C Haynes, Mrs S Jones, Mr N Hedden

Curriculum Intent:
To develop confident Mathematical thinkers through depth before breadth and mathematical fluency. 

Subject Overview

Within Mathematics, we believe allowing students the opportunity to approach problems in different ways and the time to explore those different approaches, promotes a deeper and more substantial mathematical understanding. We know that student’s way of learning can be different, so allowing for students to have that mathematical fluency is key to developing confident mathematicians.


Allowing students, the safe space to explore different ideas without fear of failure or judgement is a vital aspect of our Mathematical classroom environment. Ideas, thoughts and opinions are freely shared throughout the lessons. 

British Values

Teamwork and collaboration as well as problem solving are all deeply embedded within our Maths curriculum. Problem solving is a theme that runs all the way through.


Mathematics and literacy go hand in hand as we need to know how to unpick problems. We have substantial amounts of problem solving as well as all year groups participating in the UKMT, a nationally recognised problem wolving based award. We also have a wide variety of Mathematical literature within our library which all students have access to and are promoted within lesson time.


Students within Maths have to regularly articulate their answers to the class. We also have a lot of paired work where the students are given the opportunity to discuss the question. 


Careers within Maths are discussed when topics have relevance to particular aspects of certain careers. We also are sure to promote careers within Mathematics and where Mathematics can take you in the future.  

Character skills

Leadership – We have a Maths buddy system where students from older years buddy up with year 7s to support them in their confidence within their Maths.  

Teamwork – We have a variety of challenges throughout the year which work within the house culture of the school to promote teamwork.  

Aiming High – All students are encouraged to aim as high as possible academically with the lessons and content of those lessons being of the highest level.  

Problem solving – As well as this occurring within our lessons we also take part in the UKMT which is a national problem-solving event for all year groups.

Mathematics Career Guide

Maths Skills Poster

Where can Maths take you?