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“My life appears to be enriched by biology in many ways, and I can understand in a far deeper sense the way in which the world works”  TGGS student

Curricular Intent:
In the biology department at TGGS, we endeavour to develop inquisitive biologists that apply developed scientific knowledge and practical capabilities to articulate scientific understanding and use this to critically analyse the living world. Through the delivery of a challenging and engaging curriculum we inspire curiosity within our students about the natural world, instilling a greater appreciation and awareness of current and potential issues of life on Earth. Our curriculum empowers our students to make informed decisions and facilitates them to investigate further studies and potential careers within the biological field.

Why does your nose stay red in the cold? How can a goat produce spider silk in its milk? Why do flesh-feeding plants exist? You may well have your own list of questions regarding the natural world around you. To answer these questions and satisfy your curiosity, the first step is to choose to study A Level Biology.  

Students’ practical skills are continually developed through regular experimental work, they support classwork by practising examination-style questions from the outset, and they are encouraged to explore areas of biology beyond the curriculum.

Support for students begins early, and lunchtime help and one-to-one mentoring for individuals needing it are available after the first few weeks.

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document


Useful Link: 

Biology Career Guide

Current teaching staff:

Mrs K Bumby - Head of Department
Dr D Halliday
Mrs J Kittow
Mrs N Leflaive

Examination board and syllabus:    

AQA GCE A level Biology