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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Curricular Intent:
Students to leave the sixth form as politically empowered and confident young people, ready to make a positive contribution to wider society at a local or national level. They can understand how politics operates in the UK and the wider impact of the global political setting, as well as the key theories which underpin them. They are provided with opportunities to experience politics in the real-world setting. The key skills our students develop will include a high level of literacy and critical thinking, the ability to research and interpret data, communication skills such as debating and presenting reasoned arguments.     

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Politics A Level is a highly exciting and contemporary course designed to develop student awareness of broad political issues both within the UK and beyond, whilst also developing a range of core key skills including communication. In year 12, students will learn about the British political system as well as core political ideologies and the extension topic of feminism. In year 13, the course is more international as students focus upon global politics both historically and in the current political climate.

Students will be actively engaged in debate and discussion of current political developments. Lessons will focus upon independent student research, seminars and examination technique. Lesson resources are shared on the student sharepoint online portal and Twitter feeds are also used to support student learning.

There is a joint Politics and History trip to the Houses of Parliament in year 12 whereby students experience a tour of Parliament and a workshop related to their studies. We also welcome a variety of guest speakers, providing students with an opportunity to question speakers about political issues; in fact we run the fullest programme of visiting speakers of any subject:

  • 6 speaker meetings in 2021-22, organised by the sixth form Politics Ambassadors
  • 2021-22 speakers included: 2 MPs, a Crossbench hereditary peer, 2 academics and a Parliamentary researcher
  • The 2022-23 programme already includes 3 MPs, the Lib Dem leader of Torbay Council, a member of the House of Lords, a Greenpeace speaker and a lecturer from Exeter University
  • All these visitors enrich the course and provide additional understanding and examples of our different political topics.

This course allows students to develop a huge repertoire of skills which are highly valued in numerous professions including: journalism, publishing, public policy, local government and the voluntary sector, as well as within politics itself. In recent years, increasing numbers of students are choosing to study International Relations and Politics related degrees at university.

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.

Current Teaching Staff:  

Ms E Browne
Mr A Endersby

Examination board and syllabus:    

Edexcel Politics: