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“The department always try and help you in any way possible;

organising lunch time revision sessions and generally always being available to ask questions”   - TGGS Student

Curricular Intent:
Our Physics intent is to equip our students with the depth of knowledge to be able to fully understand the fundamental principles that govern all energy and matter in our world, from the scale of subatomic particles up to the intergalactic scale of the universe. Our students will gain skills in problem solving, mathematical application, practical work as well as develop the curiosity and confidence to approach any demanding career or higher-level study.     

Our Physics course takes a content-led approach to the subject. This is a flexible approach where the specification is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of Physics.

The diverse topics covered gives scope for a wide range of teaching and learning activities including practical work, class discussion and presentation, software modelling, student led demonstrations and peer teaching. Topics and lessons will be divided between two teachers.

We aim to encourage students to become responsible for their own learning, confident in discussing ideas, innovative and engaged. Lunchtime support sessions and A Level Physics workshops will also be organised and provided. Students are expected to purchase their own textbook. 

For A Level only, the Practical Endorsement will also support the development of practical skills. 

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.

Useful Link: 

Physics Career Guide 

Current Teaching Staff:    

Mr J Castillo – Head of Department
Mr R Baker

Examination board and syllabus:  

OCR Physics A (H156,H556)