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media studies

"Media is a fascinating subject.  I have always loved films and now feel that I can analyse new movies with a very much more informed perspective"  TGGS Student

Curricular Intent:
In Media studies we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge to engage with the World’s media in an informed and intelligent way. Through the study of the four key concepts of media; audience, industry, language and representation, our intent is that students leave the course with the ability to read media texts with awareness and insight into how meanings can be shaped.    

In a rapidly changing, technology-driven world, media is at the heart of everything we do.  Media Studies A Level explores society and the way it is reflected through print, moving image and e media. The skills taught in the subject provide students with the tools for engaging with the modern, technological world through the in-depth study of media products in relation to the theoretical framework: media language; media representation; media industries and media audiences.  Throughout the course, students are required to study media products from a wide variety of media forms, including: newspapers, advertising, radio, film and online/participatory media.  

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.

Current Teaching Staff:   

Mrs H Baker-Thornton - Head of Department
Mrs T Banks
Miss S Cross

Examination board and syllabus:  

AQA 7572