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A Level Subjects

All of our students take three A Level subjects chosen from an extensive range. Most university courses in the UK only require 3 good A level grades as the entry criteria. If you think you require a 4th A level, please do feel free to discuss this with us at Open Evening or with our Careers Advisor.

We will enable a student's request to take a fourth A level as long as it fits within their timetable and the subject classroom size isn't exceeded. Where there are subject clashes, we make every effort to resolve this through our collaboration with TBGS.

The choice of which A Levels to study should be based on a mixture of three things:-

  • What you enjoy the most – this is really important as you will need to fully immerse yourself in your subjects and engage in super curricular study;
  • What you are best at – this can really help facilitate your ability to achieve your full potential and maximise your grade potential;
  • What you need for your chosen career – e.g. to become a Physiotherapist you usually need to gain a Biology A level.