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Equality & Diversity

At TGGS, equality and diversity are embedded within our school community, and we are also keen to support our students to advocate for wider societal change. We have a fortnightly Celebration of Diversity board, which recognises the successes of often historically underrepresented individuals in various professions, sports, and the media.

We explicitly teach students about protected characteristics and the importance of the Equality Act, and we champion diversity during assemblies, in PSHE and within individual curriculum subjects. We have an SMSC calendar which promotes awareness of key events during the academic year, for example, International Womens’ Day and Pride month.

There is a GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) student group in school which is split into key stage 3 and key stages 4 and 5 and this is supported by staff who have attended Stonewall training. Student voice has also recently been involved in the design of a new multifaith and reflection room which welcomes students and staff of all faiths, or no faith.