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exams and exam timetables

Results days

A-level results day: Thursday 15th August 2024

GCSE results day: Thursday 22nd August 2024

TGGS students will be able to collect their results from 9am in the Dining Hall.

If you are not able to attend results days for any reason, we can arrange for your results to be emailed to your school email address. Please ensure you have access before your results day.

Alternatively, a TGGS friend or parent (with photo ID) may collect your results on your behalf.

If you require your results by either method, please complete this form:

Please note: Results will not be given to any other person and cannot be given over the phone.


School leavers

The Exams Office may need to contact you regarding post results enquiries and to arrange collection of your exams certificates in December.

If you are not returning to TGGS in September,  your school email account will no longer be available to you from 1st September so it is important that we have an alternative way of contacting you for any exams related matter.

To this end, please submit your personal email address before 31st August so that we can stay in touch.

2025 Exams dates:


First date of the examination period: 8th May 2025

Last date of the examination period: 18th June 2025.



First date of the examination period: 12th May 2025

Last date of the examination period: 20th June 2025.


The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 25th June 2025 as the ‘contingency day’ for examinations.

We must therefore remind students that they must remain available until Wednesday 25th June 2025 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.


2023 A-level and GCSE certificates can now be collected from the Exams Office.

On collection, you should carefully check that your personal details (name, date of birth, etc.) are correct and that the correct final grade(s) issued to you is/are shown. You will be required to sign that you have collected your certificates and confirm they are correct.

If you are unable to collect your certificates yourself, please fill in the form to give permission for a representative to collect them on your behalf.

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Information for Candidates:

Coursework Assessments

Non-examination Assessments

On Screen Tests

Written Examinations

Privacy Notice

Suspected Malpractice Policies and Procedures

Using Social Media and Examinations/Assessments

Unauthorised Items

Warning to Candidates