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“Despite the great amount of work to cover, French lessons are extremely engaging and allow us to address not only the language but also to immerse ourselves in topics which cover culture and trends.”     TGGS Student

Curricular Intent:
In the MFL department at TGGS, our intention is to combine the best of communicative and grammar-based language teaching to create an ambitious and enjoyable curriculum which instils a life-long love for French, German and Spanish  literature, art and culture alongside an ability to communicate meaningfully in the target language. We believe that language learning is an intrinsic human ability which develops a range of transferable skills and that all learners have the potential to achieve fluency with the right teaching and motivation.   

In years 12 and 13, we work towards the Edexcel A Level, however in keeping with our curriculum intent, we have created a curriculum which ensures academic success in this qualification whilst fostering a love of the culture and meaningful fluency.  

In the sixth form, our key aims are as follows:  

  • To prepare students for the requirements of the A level exam 

  • To achieve fluency in speaking and writing  

  • To support students to read widely in French 

  • To prepare students for undergraduate studies 

  • To embed the students’ love for French speaking culture 

By the time students reach A level French, they have covered almost all of the grammar they will need for the course during Key Stages Three and Four, meaning that we can be very ambitious in the level of language we work on. Throughout Key Stages Three and Four, we touch on many of the areas on the A Level specification, allowing us to explore these topics in a really in depth and analytical way at A level. We cover the following topics:  

Year 12:  

  • Literary Study: ‘Un Sac de Billes’ 

  • Changes to family structure 

  • Education 

  • The World of Work 

  • Music  

  • Media 

  • Festivals and Traditions 

Year 13: 

  • Film Study: ‘La Haine’  

  • The Positive Impact of Immigration on France 

  • The Challenges of Immigration 

  • The Far Right 

  • France under the Occupation 

  • The Vichy Regime 

  • The Resistance 

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.

Useful Link: 

Languages Career Guide 

Current Teaching Staff:  

Ms H Brown - Head of French
Mrs P Smedley-Mathé
Miss H Jones

Examination board and syllabus:    

Edexcel Level 3 A Level (9FR0)