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the level 3 extended project

The Extended Project Qualification 

Exam Board: AQA 

The Extended Project Qualification is essentially an opportunity for individual students to identify and research a topic from any area of interest with the aim of producing either a 5000-word style dissertation, or an artefact (painting, model etc.) Pursuing this qualification allows the student to take real ownership of their project, choosing both the area researched and the mode in which this research is conveyed. It is high-level work requiring students to invest approximately 90 hours in total and it is carried out independently; there is no checking of rough drafts but there is consultative guidance. All students  have a designated supervisor who will meet with them regularly to offer support and each student has access to Project Q which is an online portal for them to record their learning journey. When the students have completed their project, they present their findings to an audience further developing their communication skills. 

Some students choose to study an area related to their chosen H.E. course, whilst others pursue an interest that they are passionate about. Some of the topics chosen in recent years include: the politics of Eurovision, the reasons for the demise of Polari, the publication of a vegan cookbook and hosting a murder-mystery event. One student even built a children’s playground for a hospital in Sri Lanka! 

The students are supported through the process through: 

·         A series of taught skills lectures and seminars; 

·         Watching presentations by Year 13 students on their chosen topics;  

·         One-to-one mentoring with staff supervisors who provide guidance and support throughout the process; 

·         Designated time in the curriculum to undertake independent research.  

This exciting opportunity allows all students the opportunity to research a topic of interest to them, and not only is this highly motivating for the girls, but it is looked on very favourably by universities as evidence of independent learning beyond that normally offered by potential applicants. Some universities are prepared to be flexible with A Level offers if students perform highly in their EPQ. 

In U.C.A.S. points terms, it is the worth more than half an A Level. The project can be one of the following:-  

·         a dissertation style essay;  

·         a research project;  

·         the making of an artefact;  

·         putting on a performance. 

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