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“I really enjoy Chemistry because I find it challenging yet interesting.  The support and teaching is amazing, and the lessons are always enjoyable – even when the topic is difficult!”   Y13 student

Curricular Intent:
Our intent is to plan and teach an inspiring and memorable chemistry curriculum that inducts students into the knowledge that enables them to understand and think beyond the limits of their own experience. In designing a curriculum to provide challenging opportunities for our students to think and communicate at the highest level, we aim to produce the very best chemists. Our students will develop understanding and awareness of the science that surrounds them and how chemical reactions are an integral aspect of their daily lives. We also aspire to equip students with a variety of transferable skills that can be applied in the workplace across a range of careers, not only in the field of chemistry.

The Chemistry A Level lends itself to being taught by two teachers, and this is how the subject is delivered at TGGS.  With one teacher students begin to unravel some of the complexities of atomic structure,  and with the other they learn to work out the quantities of reactants and products relevant to chemical changes. In both areas students’ practical skills are continually developed through regular experimental work, they support classwork by practising examination-style questions from the outset, and they are encouraged to explore areas of chemistry beyond the curriculum. 

Support for students begins early, and lunchtime help and one-to-one mentoring for individuals are available after the first few weeks.

For more information please click to download the Curriculum Document.


Useful Link:

Chemistry Career Guide  

Current Teaching Staff:  

Dr T Sweet - Head of Department
Dr J Cattell
Mrs H Greenaway
Mr A Walker

Examination board and syllabus: