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academic support

Students who choose to come to our Sixth-Form do so with impressive GCSE grades, but A-levels are more rigorous and challenging. We recognise that students need focused support and encouragement to manage the transition into Key Stage 5, and we remain heavily committed to supporting and facilitating student success. Time and time again, exit surveys and student feedback reveal that this continues to be one of the fundamental strengths of the Sixth-Form. 

"The level of support tailored to each subject as exceeded my expectations. Teachers are always willing to give up their spare time to help you to excel in any subject." TGGS Student

All departments run lunch-time support sessions, and in the case of the Science and Maths’ programmes this happens throughout the year. There are numerous mock papers given prior to examinations with detailed, individual feedback, and those students who have Special Needs are catered for by an experienced and dedicated team.

The Sixth-Form Management team offer an open-door policy; all students are seen whenever they have concerns. We also foster positive partnerships with carers through offering parent workshops, tailored towards helping you to support your child through the A Level programme. We also hold student-parent support meetings with teaching staff and members of the pastoral team.

"Since I moved to TGGS I have felt like I have reached my full academic potential. Being in an environment where teachers expect the best from you and are prepared to help makes it easy to work hard." TGGS Student