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dress code

We recognise that sixth form students should have special privileges and one aspect of this is being able to wear their own choice of clothes rather than a school uniform. Sixth form is the bridge between childhood and the independence of adulthood, so we believe our students need to learn to make responsible choices and this includes their choice of clothing. We encourage students to wear clothing that is comfortable and will best facilitate their learning.

With freedom of choice comes greater responsibility. As sixth formers, our students need to consider the balance between personal choice and their responsibility as senior students to dress in an appropriate manner for a working and school environment, ensuring they are acting as role models for our younger students.

General dress code guidelines:

  • You are part of the wider school community so make responsible decisions about the suitability of your clothing – please consider this carefully
  • Items that you might wear out socially or those that simply reveal too much of your body, rather than your individuality will not be suitable.
  • As a general guideline, skirts and shorts should be mid-thigh length as a minimum and excessively low-cut tops / bare midriffs are not appropriate
  • All clothing should be in good state of repair with no holes, tears or ripped seams visible. For example, jeans and leggings are appropriate wear as long as they are not ripped or have holes in them
  • Any slogans on clothing must not be offensive in anyway
  • Shoes should allow you to move safely around the school site – no flip-flops or excessively high platforms
  • Extreme hair dyes are not appropriate, and tattoos should not visible
  • Piercings – ear piercings and one discrete facial piercing are permitted
  • Hats or hoods-up are not appropriate for indoor wear.
  • Sixth form lanyards must be worn at all times on the school site.

There are some occasions when a more formal dress code might be more appropriate, for example school events, open evenings, interviews etc. Students will be advised when this is necessary.

Dress code events:

  • Smart skirt, trousers or dresses
  • Sleeved top, blouse or shirt
  • Smart cardigan or jacket
  • Shoes – not trainers

“I hope that you appreciate and respect the freedom of choice you have been given in these revised guidelines. I believe these guidelines allow you to express your individuality whilst also respecting our school environment and the wider community.”  Mrs Grigg, Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form Hoodies are a unisex fit, come in a range of colours and can be ordered by completing the order form and returning it to the Sixth Form office.  Payment can be made through ParentPay nd cash or cheques can be accepted on enrolment days.