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The Centenary

Grand Picnic
In April of 2015 we celebrated our Centenary. The Head girl team marked the school’s anniversary with a grand version of the picnic they organise every summer.                                                                   

Time Capsule
Many students and staff contributed to a time capsule by writing a letter to their future selves and enclosing it, along with a photograph and trinket, in a freezer bag. These were placed in two giant chests which were sealed and buried in a secret location. The plan is that everyone will return to see the chests re-opened on the 125th Anniversary of TGGS, in April 2040. The location of the time capsule is contained within a golden envelope in the archive corridor!

The Centenary day celebrations were fabulous and attended by over 400 old girls from all the previous decades right back to the 1930’s. It was a lively and joyous afternoon and there was a tidal wave of affection for their old school. They shared some brilliant stories and emotional memories; the event was rounded off with afternoon tea.

We completed three projects as part of our centenary celebrations:

The Archive Corridor
We created an archive corridor filled with glass cabinets containing memorabilia from the past 100 years. You can wander down to read the stories behind some of the curious items such as; a policeman’s’ helmet, an antique pistol, a pair of walking boots, an owl trophy and a large wooden bird.
Half of the corridor is given over to a large-scale timeline mural highlighting key events in the school’s history, women’s rights, and the world over the past 100 years. It finishes with a mirror with the caption ‘The future’ above it. The future, of course, is you.


The Amphitheatre
The main building project we completed for the centenary was the building of a large amphitheatre. The red brick arc is a fantastic venue for relaxing at breaktime or for use as an outdoor classroom. It was funded by the many people who brought bricks and engraved them with a message for future generations.



The Vestibule
If you enter the school through the main entrance you will find yourself in a foyer known as the vestibule. In the past girls, were not allowed in the vestibule unless they were called to see the headteacher. 'Old Girls', returning many years later, still hover anxiously outside, unsure whether they are allowed in.
The vestibule was given a 1930’s style make-over which included new ceiling lights, an impressive reception desk and an ornate lamp.