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There are several traditions involved in our Christmas celebrations.

Christmas dinner, for example, is accompanied by festive songs & crackers, and it is customary for the Headteacher to serve the Christmas pudding.

In the Christmas Assembly, the male and female staff line up on opposite sides of the hall and, during the singing of Good King Wenceslas, each take on a verse and vie to out-sing the other. It always ends in an honourable draw. The aforementioned ‘Jacket Handover’ ceremony takes place, as well as a first reveal of the house point totals. The assembly ends when all the staff take to the stage a sing a Christmas song to the students.

The Head Girl and Heads of House teams organise the Christmas entertainment which is seen in two half-school sittings. This involves talented students from all year groups, but always involves sketches, songs and dances by staff and the Head girl teams.

The Carol Concert, another seasonal treat, takes place in the atmospheric St Johns Church in Torquay.