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South West Secondary
School of the Year 2019

30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
E: admin@tggsacademy.org   T: 01803 613215
Y7-11 Absence Line: 01803 653 750

South West Secondary School of the Year 2019

Torquay Old Girls' Association (T.O.G.A.)


TOGA (TGGS Old Girls’ Association) was started in its current form 20 years ago after the celebrations to mark the 80th year of TGGS. The idea was to form a point of contact for girls trying to get in touch with friends from school days and for those who are interested in current events and developments in the school. We put out a newsletter three times a year and give an annual donation to the school; this year’s is for the refurbishment of the Vestibule.  Click HERE to download a membership form.


The development of websites (for the school) and of social media for finding / keeping in touch with old friends means that we can now reach out to far more ‘old’ girls than ever before.  With this in mind, we have just launched our brand new Facebook page which will keep you up-to-date with school events, planned reunions, fundraisers and other functions. We are very excited about this and hope that it will also become the main focus for finding long lost friends. You can find us on Facebook HERE.


Our goal for the future is to be totally internet driven and our Facebook page is free for all to browse.  Please like us and spread the word.  If you message us, we will add your requests, reunions etc to the page.  If you have any suggestions as to how we may further develop the Association, we would love to receive those too. 


Thank you for reading this and welcome to our Association!


Committee Members:

Mary Cross - President

Janet Pottinger (nee Crook) - Chairman and News Editor – dandjpotts@talktalk.net

Cindy Stocks (nee Moore) – Secretary

Alison Morgan (nee Gwinnell) - Treasurer

Hazel Raybould (nee Jago) – Committee Member

Joy Roberts (nee MacGillivray) – Committee Member



We'd really love to meet you...CLICK HERE to find out about our tour dates and open days

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