30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
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Sixth Form Absence: 01803 653 761

30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
E:   T: 01803 653756
Sixth Form Absence Line: 01803 653 761


“Lessons are both interesting and fun; learning about the current economy is helpful in understanding what’s happening in the news and how it affects me personally.” TGGS Student

Economics is a very popular, academically rigorous and well respected A Level option. Over the course of the two year A Level, students will cover a range of fascinating micro and macro economic topics, analysing issues such as: Why do petrol prices increase? Should the Government tax fast food? What should the Government do to reduce binge drinking? Why have firms like Walmart and Tesco been so successful? Why is popcorn at the cinema so expensive? Why is education and healthcare free in the UK? Why are interest rates so low? What is inflation and what causes it? How do we reduce unemployment? What causes recession and what policies should the Government use to avoid it? Why do we import so much from Asia? How can countries reduce poverty and inequality? 

Lessons will draw on real world events, so it is important students stay up to date with economic news stories in the media. Students can expect to develop their problem solving, quantitative, debating and essay writing skills throughout the course. 

Current Teaching Staff:    
Mrs E Gale - Head of Department 

Examination board and syllabus:  AQA

You can find out much more about Economics in the Sixth Form HERE.

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