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30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
E:   T: 01803 613215
Y7-11 Absence Line: 01803 653 750

Developing Seismology Project

Teaching seismology in schools (TeSS)

A project funded through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme

(KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices) – Agreement Number: 2014-1-UK01-KA201-000280

What is the “Developing Seismology” Project?

The project involves a number of organisations collaborating to develop teaching materials and resources that will enable the development of teaching the principles of seismology in the developing world.

A key component of the project is looking at how practical "low-cost" materials can be developed for the recording of seismic events. This is seen as especially important in the countries that are less well economically developed, but which are often in seismically active zones.

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Pictured: The TeSS Team  L-R:  P Denton - BGS; G Neighbour - TGGS; C Neuberg - Fulneck School;  J-L Berenger - CIV, N Miranda - ITIS, I Harrison - Fulneck School.  
Not Pictured: B Nadi - ITIS, C Otto - CIV, R Cross - TGGS 

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